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Rothesay Bay House



ARCHITECTS | Creative Arch
ENGINEERS | Brian Jones Engineers
INTERIOR DESIGN | Yellow Fox / Creative Arch
CATEGORY | Residential
LOCATION | Rothesay Bay, Auckland

Undertake Alterations to the existing family home on the cliff top edge of Rothesay Bay. The brief included taking advantage of the coastal sea views, providing a modern four bedroom home with separate lounge attached to the master bedroom.

The home has been designed around the existing garage and footprint of the existing ground floor, recycling as much of the existing slab and groundwork structures. A combination of cedar shiplap vertical and horizontal, metal cladding and plaster have been used combined with low lying roofs help to break up the buildings form.

Working with the existing parameters and layered approach, has resulted in a modern home that rests comfortably between neighbouring high and low properties on a cliff top site.

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